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The Northgate Church of God is a wonderful place to worship The Lord and grow in your relationship with Him, as well as meeting some lifelong friends along the way.  At Northgate our Vision is, "Live. Love. Lead." (A.K.A. VISION 61) Based upon the 61st chapter of Isaiah. We believe that these 3 principles are vital for a strong growing church.

Live. We want you to experience how amazing life can be when you Live in Christ! 

To be equipped to Live in Him everyday.

Love. We want you to experience the awesomeness that is the Love of Jesus! 

To have that love in your life and to be equipped to share that Love with others.  

Lead. We want you to learn how to Lead for Jesus! 

To be equipped to Lead the lost to Jesus. To Lead your family and friends in the ways of The Lord. 

Northgate Church of God

Pastor Chad Kirk

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